Wednesday, June 28, 2017

JULY news!

Summer is here and so is some fun Decoupage News
I was in Paris last year and when I go think It reminds me how long this art has been around for, The love of the art and passion of many artists in Paris who all have a story,

July 9 I will be with Hope Riccardi from 11-1pm  in her studio at 450 Harrison Avenue for Sowa Sundays!

July 29 is a one day decoupage class held at my studio in the South End from 11am-1pm
If you are interested or have any squestions don't hesitate to email me at

Save some dates for Fall
September 9 First Fridays in Hope Riccardi Studio at 450 Harrison Avenue
September 16-17 South End Open Studios

October 1 Fashion Week,: We will be doing a decoupage class at the Sowa market Sunday October 1

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