Wednesday, April 13, 2022

April : 2022 : Being Rebellious can be a positive thing.

 Its been some time I have posted. During the past two years I have been thinking more and more about the concept of time. My watch cuffs are inspired by the theme of time. When I think about time thoughts arise about how things have changed over the last two years. I have always been an artist . Since the age of five I would look at something and always question it. A young rebellious nature at heart did not always serve me well as a teenager. As I grew older,  it became a asset. I always asked " why not?" and if I was rejected I would ask for feedback to improve myself or those around me.

When I look at something I think how can I rearrange this to be successful? When I look at a object I think to myself " how can I make it look more interesting? "When I talk to someone what attributes can I see in them?  

My thoughts are to do what you love and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Nothing comes with out hard work. During the pandemic I worked two years on this painting. conducting zoom classes weekly and had private lessons.

 I express myself with color. Using bright bold colors to bring a smile to someone is my mission. With a introvert personality it is really with my art that I am able to express the joy I want the world to see in a time of change.

 Currently I am offering zoom and private classes. If you are looking for a change in 2022 please email or call me  to set up a time to speak and come to my studio for a private, group or zoom lesson.  What has also changed is I am going to people homes to conduct private lesson. Please email: 

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