Sunday, June 28, 2009

Encouragement-a bit of history

Go Go Boots Designed for the a Juried Competition and Featured in Window at Lafeyette Place, Downtown Boston. Theme is Joyce Sherr when she was a fashion a Model in 1960's and instead of That girl ( For those of you who remember that show with Marla Thomas) I named them You go Girl.
These past few weeks i have been reflecting on my work and how it has grown over the past few years. I wanted to dedicate this weeks blog to my mother who still en courage's me to be creative. These past three weeks i was involved in Community color's in the South End which is up until the end of August at the Harriet Tubman House I also found a link That feature's my work as a Boston Artist this month. I tell my students and anyone involved in the arts to have that one person who gives you encouragement. At age five she taught me decoupage on wood board where we did post cards and in 2002 we had a mother and daughter show on Martha's Vineyard. I want to thank my mother for her consistent encouragement and to keep finding new and innovative idea's to be successful.
The boots are now featured at Lafeyette Place Window, DowntownBoston, Massachusetts as part of several other pieces in Art is a Sherr thing window.

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