Saturday, February 8, 2014

February news

Since the age of five I have been doing decoupage . My mother joyce sherr was a guest artist at Shepard Knap when I was in kindergarten .
Today as I walk in my mother footsteps I had the opportunity to work with  high school students last month
This was a opportunity to bring decoupage into the school system and work with the art teacher 
A grant was given by the mass cultural society and it was a honor to be chosen 

This month of February after coming back from Paris my area of focus is to continue to bring decoupage classes to the community 
Boston Collegiate Charter was a opportunity to work with 9 th graders
A field trip was included in this three week class
They got the opportunity to visit my studio along with galleries in the South end

Sowa wearable market : Feb 8:2013

When I was in paris I was intrigued by cubist art and have designed a new collection for spring called the Amour collection
( means love .;)
This leads me to abstract cuffs with pocket watches 
Saturday : Feb 15 is a one day workshop ( decoupage workshop) in my studio 
It is a great way to build on techniques you already know or for beginners
The class meets once from 11-1

Happy February to all and keep creating
I was speaking to 8 year old last week who told me her art teacher kept correcting her 
She is very expressive, talented and simply loves art 
It brought back a memory of my own that I shared with that 8 year old and some of my students 
When I was in 5 th grade I had a art teacher who held my painting up to the entire class and said "this is not how you do it."
Today I grin at that thought with a slight smile and say to all those who don't feel creative and not encouraged , you simply can do it and don't let anyone tell you different :) 

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