Monday, May 4, 2015

May and June Decoupage News: Italy, Paris and Classes

Most recently I have been focusing on commission pieces and teaching, As I have mentioned in previous blogs I traveled to Italy this past December,  which always enlightens my creativity and gives me perspective as a decoupage artist, Italy is actually where Decoupage first started , It was known as the "Poor Man's Art."

When people come to me and say they are not creative and it is a real joy to see the things they come up with in a decoupage class that leads them to see differently, Decoupage is a art that is geared toward all people
In Italy I noticed the detail in many of the buildings and while in Paris last year I noticed the art itself was practiced in Versailles, Marie Antoinette used to do the art which changed the perspective of poor mans art ,

Now that it is May it is a great time to register for a Summer decoupage workshop or private lesson,
June 8 begins Summer sessions at the Studio in the South End or please take some time to look at some pictures from trips and students work,

Sculpture I saw in front of the Vatican, in Italy,
Commission piece just finished
Decoupage Globe using a bucket list where client has been and would like to go

Versailles where Marie Antoinette did Decoupage 
Decoupage Tea Pot by Student Linda Golberg

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