Thursday, March 10, 2016

Love and art

In 1989 I had my first love with a young man . He showed me love brings smiles , joy and much more.   Years to come I knew and at the very least hoped  that my art would bring others joy just as that first love did.
All ages see my art and purchase it with some sort of story that they can share about it . It could be photographs they have commissioned me to personalize or a piece at a show that made them smile.

As an artist it has always been my mission to make others smile when seeing my work .  This summer I hope to bring more smiles to the south end community participating in the markets in the south end .  If you are strolling in the south end on a Sunday please make sure to come by and say hello and hopefully at the very least leave with a smile .


Anonymous said...

Grazie mille. Il mondo è un posto migliore di pace, amore e gioia .

Anonymous said...

Très belle , votre positivité et de créativité est incroyable.