Wednesday, June 30, 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary

Have you thought about one of a kind gifts? This picture is my parents on there wedding day 50 years ago. My brothers and I used these pictures for a party we just had for them on Martha's Vineyard, The other picture you are viewing is My brothers and I on June 25 the evening of the anniversary party, The picture of all the people is the entire family on the evening of June 25, That is what my work is truly about, You take your photographs, memorabilia or things that are personable and create memories out of things such as frames, vase,handbags and much more, I recently got commissioned to do a glass plate and vintage mirror frame with a theatre tickets. I have been asked by the organization in the South End known as the United South End Artists to be the captain of my studio building located at 59 wareham Street. ( the building which consists of over 150 artists) My studio is open to the public by appointment If you have a lot of things that you can't bear to part with allow me to create something for you. Weddings or anniversarys are always special and what better gift than to take pictures or the invitation and use them for something to make that one of a kind gift......

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