Monday, September 12, 2011

South End Open Studios and September

It is hard to believe it is already September. For the past five years I have been designing cuff bracelets on  a watch theme.
This idea to came to me because I never wore a watch and also value time.
There are so many beautiful styles of watches and what better way to savor a design of one is to put it on a cuff to wear like a favorite dress or shoe.

It occurred to me it was time to change the designs so added real watches to them, I always enjoy getting feedback on the new designs and sold two of them last weekend on Martha's vineyard
 The watch in this picture I did this week in my studio. A couple from L.A. got it  at The Ahts Festival.  I would like to thank all the friends and people who supported my work this past weekend.

For the next adventure is The 25th annual South End Open Studios,
My Studio will be open September 17-18 from 11am-6pm,
south end Open Studios
I hope to see some of you

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