Sunday, March 29, 2009

Civic duty calls- April 1-2009

April 1st Wednesday is the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless What's in the Bag event at the Taj Hotel , Boston , Massachusetts.

This event is being hosted by Liz Walker of Channel 5

I donated a New Yorker Theme Handbag to this event that is a one of Kind piece that will be auctioned off.

The original date March 31 Introduction to Decoupage to begin Tuesday is moved to April 14 at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education on Tuesdays.

The next decoupage class will begin On April 13 at the South End Adult Education on Mondays

Jenn Sherr Designs was inspired from my Mothers business Sherr Designs, My mother Joyce Sherr had a hand painting clothing business in the 80's,
My mother being a artist always instilled creativity in me and i took the name Sherr Design's when i began doing a ebay store selling vintage and designer clothing mixed in with decoupage handbags,
When my handbags and cuff's first sold to a boutique on Martha's Vineyard, I kept Sherr Designs and as I continued to get into stores and doing shows in 2006,people would say "HI SHERR' or "THANK YOU SHERR",
Did i want to be called Sherr?
Someone who I respect pointed out to me that my name was not on my business card. If you think about business cards you have of people they may not have there name on it but there business.
Don't you want a contact name?
Don't you want to always speak to someone directly?
Don't you hate those voice machine's you get when you have to hit 1 for something and 2 for something else?
In 2007 I deceided i should change Sherr Designs to Jenn Sherr Designs.
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Until Next week,,,,,, JENN.

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